Cotton Bags Band

This is a story about a ukulele-piano band that started as a duo of friends.

(Above) It began with one of Maia Waern’s dreams coming true; when her talented and humble piano-playing friend, Julian Fauth, invited her to play her songs at Sauce on Danforth…

This sprouted beautifully into rehearsals and house concerts!

A few months later, they chose a name: Cotton Bags Band. It’s a name on their set list – one of Maia’s songs – Cotton Bags.

Cotton Bags Band’s public first concert was at the Senator Winebar in May 2018, seen below.

There’s even a video!

A few months later, something wonderful and unexpected happened. Cotton Bags Bands ceased being a duo…

Maia’s seamstress friend, Helen Frank, WHO MAKES COTTON BAGS (among other upcycled and reusable cotton items), also sings beautiful harmonies. She makes Cotton Bags Band a trio!

If you ask Maia, her new songs can hardly believe how great they sound now! And it’s exciting to look forward to the video cameras and recording studios that are ‘just around the bend.’ And there feels like there should be a rush order on the whole thing, because hearing the words of Maia’s songs about birds, or about good old Toronto, or boots on the road, really does make the day feel just a little bit better.

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