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The times, they have changed.


Covid has changed more things than one can wrap one’s head around. It feels like the right thing to do is to remain hopeful that things will someday return to normal.


In the meantime, here’s to the normalcy of lyrics that keep flowing. I’m 5 songs deep since April 2020, grateful for the self-soothing power of music. But I’m sure missing all the ways that I could share my music in what feels like the distant past.


Sometimes it feels like I miss “everything,” like performing my songs, teaching my students, singing for kids at the farmers’ market, performing at Dundas West Fest, hosting Kids Open Stage, and rehearsing with Cotton Bags Band.


It’s hard to not cry about missing how meaningful it felt to be living and breathing music. Finding a new path seems impossible, but I accept the challenge to shift my passions to things that can be done safely.


Thankfully, I love to sew and knit and make jewelry…


Stay tuned for a webstore announcement: ‘Maia’s Own’ will feature my own creations, from cotton bags to Wristies to silver chains. Coming in 2022, hopefully just as the leaves begin to fall. 


“Strange days, changed times

In my mind, your hand’s in mine

One day, these days will be behind

And we’ll dance in the sunshine

Hand in hand

After these strange days…”

Strange Days by Maia Waern, April 2020





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