The Mum Strum


In various living rooms and backyards (Oakwood/Rogers/St Clair West area)

By reservation only – spaces limited – email to inquire!



The Mum Strum began with one mom in my music studio. (Well, two if you count me!)

After a few private ukulele lessons, my favourite new student asked if she could invite a few of her friends, who are also moms.

Wednesdays quickly became my favourite night of the week.

After a few Wednesdays, I told the growing group of moms that I had begun to write “Mom Strum” in my datebook. Their reaction was classic and so graceful that it almost seemed rehearsed. They all closed their eyes, made a happy face, tilted their heads to the side and said “aaaww!” in unison.

And then, to my delight, Christella Morris offered her wonderful store, Pass It On!, as a public venue for our weekly jam. And that’s not all! She also made posters, put it on social media, and invited other local moms and women. (*** Thank you, Christella – Pass It On Consignment will be missed! ***)

The Mum Strum is “me time” for busy moms and moms-at-heart, and at the same time, it’s “we time” for everyone who enjoys the sense of community that strums naturally to ukulele lovers.

The Mum Strum agenda is as follows (for example):

1. (7pm) Song
2. Song
3. Talk about mothering
4. Song
5. Song
6. Talk about food
7. Song
8. Song
9. (9pm) Visit or talk about visiting the local restaurant/bar, The Oakwood Hardware, 337 Oakwood Ave

The Mum Strum fee is on a mini sliding scale, $5-$10.

Email to inquire!