Maia Store

Looking for unique gifts made locally (or with cotton)?
Wishing for a crowd-free shopping experience?

Maia Store is ready for the season!  And so is Ned…


I’m selling Maia-made gifts (CDs, gift certificates for ukulele lessons, and silver/semi-precious jewellery), as well as Maia-approved products (Thentix and Pocketdiscs).  Keep reading for details…

Maia Store is located in my music studio – open daily – by appointment only.

Shoppers may be treated to a mini concert, if they wish…

Want to do some shopping?  Email me!


My albums are $15 or 2 for $25 – and not available in stores!  (We see you, Ned!)


My debut album, From Now On, features an Alhambra guitar and an old baritone ukulele.

My second album, I’ll Be Here, features a Fender concert ukulele and gourd thumb piano.

Both albums’ main ingredient is all orginal Maia songs (except for Amazing Grace, final track, From Now On).

Want?  Email!

Stay tuned for album number three!  I’m rehearsing to record 12 more original songs in late-January 2017…


Ukulele Gift Certificates for one-hour private lessons are $40 (see details on certificate)


Did you know that I’m a ukulele teacher? I also offer preschool music circles and music for seniors. And Teddy Bear Jams, too!

Uke interested?  Prefer a $20 (half-hour private lesson) certificate?  Have another request?  Email me!


Maia-made sterling silver jewellery. Plain or featuring semi-precious stones or amber.


It takes 4 pliers to make each link. Link by link – there is a lot of Maia love in these chains!

Prices range from $15 (simple earrings) to $140 (necklace, bracelet, earring set). Bracelets are between $20-40.

Want?  Email!


Thentix is my go-to cream, from my nose to my toes…  They also make lovely lip balm and hair oil.


Did you know that I am a Thentix distributor (  Yeah, it’s that good!  Why is it so good?  Thentix is made with sunflower oil and honey (etc.) by a not-too-big but not-too-small company in Ontario.  Soothing for babies-to-seniors, and used in hospitals, Thentix is simple, good skin care that smells sweetly close to nothing.  Well, except for the lip balm, which smells like honey, and the hair oil, which smells like the beach….
Want?  Email!  (My prices are better than in stores)

Special Offer:  free trial jar with any other purchase (while supplies last)
COTTON FRISBEES!!!  Actually, these are (100% cotton) Pocketdiscs.  Please don’t call them ‘frisbees’…they hate that…

Pocketdiscs ( are handmade (fair trade) in Guatemala, designed and distributed by a friendly company in California.

I was only able to find the Indoor edition of Pocketdisc sold in Toronto, so I ordered a box-full of every size!

Seriously, this is the best toy in the whole wide world.  You can grab a Pocketdisc out of thin air without ever hurting your fingers!  It’s a musician’s dream toy!  And it is great for an energetic outdoor or indoor (winter or rainy day) activity, as well as being hands-on, off-line, smile-to-smile fun!

Indoor size – $15
Sports edition – $20
el Grande – $25

Want?  Email!

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