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Maia’s Own = Maia-made (cotton bags, wristies, silver chains)

This is a sneak peek store; the official store is under construction. Items on this page are available for purchase, except when marked SOLD. Custom requests warmly welcome! Payments can be made by e-transfer. To reserve (or request) something Maia-made, email Maia at 

Curbside DELIVERY IS FREE from the Humber River, over to Yonge; from Lake Ontario, up to the 401


Cotton Bags FOR KIDS

Here’s an example of a Maia-made cotton “Bugs” BAG FOR KIDS ($20), with Maia’s Own ‘lock’ system (one handle slides up through a loop). Makes a sweet gift bag, or an everything, anywhere, anytime bag. Excellent for bringing cute things from one room to another and pausing in the hall for a photo op. 100% cotton, machine wash and dry; use daily, wash nightly. 

Are you sitting down? Prepare for more cuteness. Here is Maia’s Own “Birdie” SHOULDER BAG FOR KIDS ($25). 100% cotton, machine wash and dry; use daily, wash nightly. For reference, it’s even cuter than it looks here.

For further reference, it gets cuter when you zoom in (or when it’s held by someone who is small and cute.)

Cotton Bags FOR ALL AGES

For taller folks, this purple SHOULDER BAG ($25 “Purple”) also has purple handles. It’s an adult bag, so it’s adult-sized – and it’s a bit more mature than the kids’ bags, but only by a little bit. It’s one of many of Maia’s Own kid-at-heart bags. 100% cotton, machine wash and dry; use daily, wash nightly.

Just added (Nov 19, 2020): Maia’s Own “Rainbow Night” SHOULDER BAG ($30, 17″w x 16″h). Also has handles. This bag is much bigger than the smaller version that Maia made yesterday, which she loves so much that she decided to keep it for herself! 100% cotton, machine wash and dry; designed for daily use and nightly washings, or vice versa. Maia purchased several yards of this gorgeous fabric; Ornamental Gift Bags coming soon! What kind of bag would you like? 


In the spirit of the upcoming season of giving, Maia has started making reusable ORNAMENTAL GIFT BAGS with colourful cotton fabric. Each with its very own name tag pocket and closure system. Hang them on the tree or with the stockings. Or make an ornamental gift bag wall – or doorway or window. The options are endless – and colourful! This orange-sized ornamental gift bag is $20 (“Orange Striped”). 100% cotton; machine wash and dry.


Also for the upcoming season, for warm hearted people with ‘always cold’ hands, Maia’s Own (with Bobbi Jo and Sari’s help and inspiration) knitted WRISTIES ($20, L-R “Forest,” unknown fibers; and “Meadow,” 100% wool). Wristies available in various colours and sizes; in wool, acrylic/wool, cotton or cotton blends. Knits, when surveyed, prefer to be hand washed, shaped and dried flat. Ask about custom Recycled Wristies, knitted using yarn from tired, old, well-loved sweaters. 


Here’s an example of a shiny gift idea that is sure to put a smile on a loved one’s face. This little Heart Topper is Maia’s Own Sterling Silver Rainbow Bracelet ($40 “Rainbow”) with Red Coral, Amber, Citrine, Malachite, Blue Lapis and Amethyst. Truly one of a kind. Every silver link was lovingly wound with care, and the stones and Amber were carefully chosen with love. Just looking at a picture of this bracelet has soothing qualities.

Coming soon to this page:

  • more of Maia’s Own useful, reusable and washable creations
  • but unfortunately not the last cotton bag that Maia made, because she likes it so much that she’s keeping it for herself