Maia Waern began song writing in her sandbox years, and she still writes in the sand when she can.

A fan once said that Maia attended the “University of Bobs” – Bob Dylan, Bob Marley and Bob Snider.

Maia's folk songs are about memories and feelings that are both personal and universal. Time, for example; and love.

As vivid as her photography, Maia’s music captures her perspective of being human. With intimate lyrics and wooden instruments (guitar, ukulele, gourd thumb piano), Maia’s recordings are Earthy, gentle, and comforting.

Maia Waern’s debut album, From Now On, and her second album, I’ll Be Here, were joined by a third solo album, released in 2017. This never-promoted album, Listen To The Wind, features 16 original ukulele songs, including a ukulele composition and Maia's own thumb piano blues.

Maia's next album will be with her new piano-ukulele duo, Cotton Bags Band, with Julian Fauth, with songs by Maia!

A well-deserved break from the digital din, Maia's lyrics are about outside, and also within.

Photo by Nadia Papineau Photography