Maia Waern is a Singer/Songwriter and recording artist who sometimes puts down her ukulele and picks up her other instruments.  But ukulele is her main squeeze.

Ukulele has become a part of Maia’s identity and musicality, even though her debut album, “From Now On,” features many songs that were written on and recorded with Feather, her Alhambra classical guitar; and her second album, "I'll Be Here," has an instrumental thumb piano lullaby.

Maia's third album, Listen To The Wind, features 16 new ukulele originals and a thumb piano blues track.

Maia Waern’s soothing vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and gentle ukulele are ideal for a “listening room.”

Currently rehearsing with Julian Fauth, Maia's solo artist days are numbered, and her newest originals now have piano solos!

Maia is a graduate from the University of Bobs:

Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, and Bob Snider.”

~ A Fan

Dates for performances are limited.  Rates vary.

Pass-the-hat/jug and ‘coins-in-my-case’ gigs are currently welcome.

Child-friendly performances/events/venues are always delightful.

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