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Songs from my 2017 album, Listen To The Wind:
Boot On The Road
Early This Morning

Maia by Nadia 03

Boot On The Road

I was driving to High Park to go bird watching when I saw a boot on the road. “There’s a boot on the road!” I said out loud for the very first time. The second time I said it, I sang it: “There’s a boot on the road, at the edge of the park; there’s a boot on the road, where there’s no sidewalk…”

Writing Boot On The Road in High Park’s parking lot, and on the trails, is one of my favourite songwriting memories. I also vividly remember pulling over on Parkside on my way home to take photos of The Boot.

In case you’re wondering, the other boot was just up the road.



Early This Morning

I wrote the first half of Early This Morning on my 3rd floor patio. The second half was written in my backyard. When I finished writing the song, it was a delight to count 20 kinds of birds — all behind my Toronto home!

American Goldfinch Sept 27 2015

blue jays

Chickadee in hand



At the bitter end of winter, as the field of green lay hidden under a pool of mud and melting snow, I found hope and reassurance in imagining what was happening underground. Roots were awakening, and soon the flowers would declare it spring. I welcomed and anticipated the flowers by writing a song about them; and sure enough, a few days later, Snowdrops!

Spring peek Feb 21 2016

Spring peek 02 Feb 21 2016