I love catching birds or fish, but not to put in a cage or fry. In fact, I would rather not disturb them at all. I simply want to capture a snippet of their day in a photograph; to be able to look back and recall the beauty of that moment.

All I want is a photo, but very often my subjects give me more than just a pretty picture. They give me a nature-lover’s backstage pass, and insight.

Over the years, wherever water can be found, I have seen hundreds of families of ducks. It is common to see ducklings wading around in clusters or organized into different shapes of lines; quacking along the surface of the water, clumsily and noisily following mom.

Such has been a sight and sound that I have known all of my life. But the mother duck in these photos taught me to look and listen in a new way.

She approached our canoe with domesticated confidence, meeting my eye like a friendly family pet. Her ducklings were jolly and hilarious, and she led them with a look of pride that was steadfast and gorgeous.

I was delighted and touched by the way she showed off her family; she seemed happy to share the joy of her funny, giggling ducklings. She even showed off how they could walk on lily pads!

Ever since that sight, I have seen ducks in a new light.

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