Is there a ukulele pulling on your heart strings?

Is someone you love ready to learn?

Is it you?

Maia offers private, duo, and group (circle) lessons and jams for kids, tweens, teenagers, adults, and seniors
as well as occasional ukulele events for babies and toddlers

UPDATE: Maia is not currently hosting a public uke jam,
but she's open to venue suggestions!

Babies, Toddlers & Kids
Tweens & Teens
Maia's Uke Jam (on hold)
The Mum Strum (now a private event)

You can trust Maia to give a fun and gentle introduction to the joy of ukulele
as well as a tuning-in to the overall healing and peaceful power of music.

Playing and teaching ukulele is what Maia loves to do best ~ second only to birding!

Maia is also happy to be teaching with 3-string Loog Guitars from Remenyi House of Music.

Maia's 3-string perspective is on Maia's Loog Page,
but the official website is the best place to learn about Loog Guitars.

Contact for bookings or inquiries.
Availability is limited.
Rates vary.


Maia is booking
in Ontario at:

ST CLAIR WEST & OAKWOOD, Toronto ~ Private Studio

PUBLIC PARKS, Toronto ~ weather permitting!

HOUSE VISITS/CONCERTS, Toronto ~ requests welcome
($10-20 travel fee for Toronto area house visit lessons)
(house concert performance rate negotiable)
(availability limited)

SMALL TOWNS, Ontario ~ requests welcome
(house concert/performance/uke jam rate negotiable)
(availability limited)

For bookings or inquiries, email ~

"Everybody should have and play a uke,
it's so simple to carry with you and it is one instrument you can't play and not laugh
~ George Harrison

"If everyone played the ukulele, the world would be a better place."
~ Jake Shimabukuro

Babies, Toddlers & Kids

Look, Mom!  There’s Maia and her ukuleles!
~ Kid-in-arms at the Wychwood Barns

Maia plants musical seeds. Sometimes it begins during a private lesson, and other times it happens at a public kids' event, like “Ukes on a blanket” at a farmers' market or "Teddy Bear Jam" at a coffee shop. Stay tuned for "Mini Strings!" Maia hopes that these kids' music circle concepts will become hands-on (and off-line) children’s entertainment fads.

Picture colourful ukuleles for kids of all ages to try. Picture them on a blanket, on the grass, or on a carpeted living room floor.  And then picture Maia, sitting with a ukulele in her hands, strumming and singing while kids strum and sing along.  There are many smiles in this picture!

On Maia's ukulele watch, kids are always invited to learn how to play a few chords - or they can choose to just play along “open string” - and enjoy sing-a-longs.  Teddy bears are on hand to help the littlest fingers strum the nylon strings (and there are even more teddy bears at a Teddy Bear Jam).

Favourite songs for the littlest ones include, “Wheels on the Bus,” “ABC/Twinkle/Baa,” “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “You Are My Sunshine.” Older kids enjoy other classics by artists like Bob Marley, the Beatles, and Elvis Presley.

After spending a few songs with Maia, some kids realize that they want to take ukulele lessons. Maia's youngest student just turned 3-years-old, and she is the master of one chord - and sing-a-longs. But most kids are ready to learn at around age 6.

If 4 strings are too many, Maia will introduce a Loog Guitar, which has 3 strings. Close ups of Maia's Loog perspective can be found on Maia's Loog Page,

If 3 strings are too many, Maia encourages songwriting, or singing, or instrument exploration...

Maia's music room is filled with instruments, which leaves little room for boredom - and plenty of room for in-the-moment creativity. Each music session is unstructured, because each student, and each day, is different. (Lessons are booked as needed, weekly or as wanted, not by bulk registration. Sick cancellations are welcome.)

If kids played more music and less video games, the world would be a better place!


Availability limited.  Rates vary.

Email to book some time with Maia ~ or to ask a question.


 Tweens & Teens

Typical question:  “Do you play a musical instrument?

Ukulele answer:  “Yeah, I play a little guitar…”

Ukulele is a gateway instrument to the guitar and other rock n roll instruments.  Ukuleles are featured on most mainstream recordings these days, as well as in many songs on radio and television ads.

Ukulele has become “cool,” which makes it a good music instrument to suggest if you’d like to get a Tween or Teen interested in music.  If all else fails, tell them that the Uke teacher has a 2’ Mohawk!

Here's a thought:  Every minute on the ukulele is a minute not on a computer or television screen.  That could be the greatest gift you can give to your ‘not-kids-anymore.’

Also, Maia encourages songwriting whenever possible, and she offers songwriting sessions. Naturally, songwriting includes lyrics. Lyric writing is possibly the best and most peaceful tool for ~ and a safe and accepted method of ~ emotional expression. As a teenager, Maia discovered the relieving link between writing a sad song and feeling less sad, writing a happy song and feeling more happy, or writing a song about nature and feeling more grounded.


Availability limited.  Rates vary.

Email to book a session ~ or to ask a question.

(Maia has a teenager, too, and she also used to volunteer with teens at a TDSB alternative high school.)


Ukulele provides direct access to my inner child.  The miniature size and sheer cuteness of the ukulele appeals to that part of me that would like to be a kid again.  I am grateful to the ukulele for feeling like a toy while at the same time being an instrument.  I feel youthful when I “play” my ukulele!

~ Maia Waern

It’s a media-driven world, but we can stop and strum our ukuleles!  Take a break from the pace of routine, traffic, and machines with screens.  Take time to be natural and musical – because it’s time well spent.

Don’t worry about keeping up, or about tired or sore fingers.  You can flip your ukulele over and use the back as a hand drum, if you like; or just sing along and enjoy each song in your own way.  You are also invited to take home song sheets for songs that move you.

Many folks find that playing ukulele is as soothing as meditating.  Ukulele can soothe you, too. They also give great hugs.


Availability limited.  Rates vary.

Email for more ukulele time in your life.

The best is yet to strum!


As our world changes, we all need connections to our past to help us remember who we were, and so, who we are.  Music makes that connection.

With compassion and tender care – and with her ukuleles – Maia reaches out and bridges time with memories served up in songs that we forgot we love.

For folks who have played guitar in the past, ukulele is a gentle way to revisit the feeling of strumming.   Folks with tired fingers can enjoy listening and singing along.  Everyone is welcome to sing, always -- including family members and caregivers.


Seniors receive discounted Rates.

Availability limited.

Email to book a session ~ or to ask a question.

Maia's Uke Jam (on hold)

Maia's Uke Jam is an unstructured, adaptable evening (or afternoon!) of strumming, singing and smiling.

Maia leads her jams with tenderness and compassion, personally teaching new strummers while also celebrating everyone’s talents.

Maia's Uke Jams are for kids of all ages, and that includes kids-at-heart (adults, seniors). Singing friends are welcome too, and so are listening friends.  There are always several in-house ukuleles available at Maia's uke events.

Maia’s Uke Jam at Full of Beans is unfortunately on hold. "I miss that lovely place, and not just the lemon squares!

Maia currently hosts The Mum Strum weekly (see below!), as well as occasional strum circles in her private music studio.

Contact Maia if you'd like to book a uke jam in your home or at your local hangout, or to join an in-studio strum circle.


Availability limited.

Email for inquiries or Rates.

Or find Maia on Facebook and Twitter to learn about upcoming events:

The Mum Strum (now a private event)


In various living rooms and backyards (Oakwood/Rogers/St Clair West area)

By reservation only - spaces limited - email to inquire!

The detailed Mum Strum story is on The Official Mum Strum Page.