Home Is Where The House Concert Was, Nov 5 2016

Home Is Where the House Concert Was

Re:  House Concert with Jay Linden and Maia Waern, Sat Nov 5, 2016

By:  Maia Waern


As I warmed up the soup and set up the chairs, Jay Linden drove in from Cambridge with an armful of instruments and a chocolate cake.

And as I tuned up my ukulele and tried on my cowgirl shirts, audience members came from Kitchener, Bradford, and Orangeville, as well as from up the street, from around the corner, and from the basement.

The food table was our opening act, with organic comforts of home including Maia-made rainbow salad and fresh local apple cider.

The concert began with a hush. The welcoming silence felt like a gentle spotlight. I cheered inside.

And as I embraced my ukulele in my cushioned wooden chair, I was partly still a little kid who dreams of being a performer, and partly an adult who has achieved my childhood dream.

By the soft light of old lamps, in our time-honoured style, Jay and I swapped songs, back and forth, one by one, until we were good and done.

In my grateful opinion, I had the best seat in the house.


I wish that I’d caught a photo of our whole audience.  And another of Chris – when he began to premonition the punchline of Jay’s ‘Bob Dylan’ song.  He wasn’t the only one.  We all groaned and squirmed in our chairs.  The healing howls of laughter filled the air.

And then the whole room went completely silent again, like open arms, inviting me to play my next song.  My childhood dream came true, again and again, until well after midnight.

Speaking of dreams coming true, Julian Fauth (julianfauth.com) will be joining us in January!



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